Trucking Insurance

The transport industry is a major part of the Quebec economy, and has particular needs when it comes to insurance coverages. 

Whether dealing with local transport, the United States or elsewhere in Canada, there are numerous requirements. The laws and the organizations that govern this industry have several obligations. It is therefore imperative to ensure adequate coverage in order to comply with the specific laws and regulations of the industry.

As we are a firm with a specialization in trucking insurance, we can respond to your inquiries quickly and efficiently. We represent all insurers specialized in the field, and can therefore offer you the products that best meet your needs. 

Available products: 

• Fleets
• Valet service
• Dump truck;
• Bulk 
• Hazardous materials;
• Road escort;
• Tug (hauling);
• Mechanic;
• Transportation broker;
• Specialized bonds;
• Storage;
• Etc.

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