Recreational Vehicle Insurances

When using off-road vehicles, you are required by law to obtain third-party liability coverage for injuries to others when operating these vehicles. The recommended limit for this type of insurance is $2,000,000. 

You can also cover the recreational vehicle itself as well as its accessories. In addition, liability insurance is necessary when you travel to the United States with your motorhome/trailer. Once again, the recommended limit is $2,000,000. in order to be adequately covered against lawsuits arising from property damage or bodily injury.

Another possible coverage to consider is the addition of QEF 34- Insurance of persons. In fact, unlike automobile insurance, the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec does not provide any compensation for bodily injury caused by an off-road vehicle. The QEF 34 - insurance of persons, therefore provides compensation when an accident causes bodily injury to an insured person subject to certain applicable conditions. 

Examples of recreational vehicles
• All–terrain vehicle;
• Motorcycle;
• Boat;
• Caravans (stationary or rolling);
• Tent trailer;
• snowmobile;
• watercraft;
• Trailers

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