House Insurances

Although it is not compulsory, home insurance is nonetheless very important. Several home insurance products are available, whether you wish to simply insure basic risks or have more comprehensive coverage. 

In short, you can find an insurance product which is tailored to your needs along with several additional protections such as water damage, sewer back-up, legal fees, additional liability insurance, etc.

Moreover, whether you are an owner, tenant, or co-owner, it is important to remember that without home insurance, you are not covered for legal liability and therefore not covered for damage you cause to others. You are therefore at risk of finding yourself in a precarious situation following potential liability lawsuits. Insurance policies are available for owners, tenants, co-owners, homes rented to others, high value homes, seasonal and secondary residences as well as non-standard risks (first insurance, cancellation for non-payment, etc.) 

We insure:
• Homeowners
• Tenants
• Co-owners
• Secondary residences
• Seasonal residences
• Residence rented to others
• High value homes
• Special risks :
- First Insurance;
- Cancellation for non-payment;
- Single dwelling rented to others;
- Non-standard mortgage;
- Etc. 

Examples of additional coverage:
• Water Damage – Above Ground
• Water Damage- sewer back-up
• Leakage of Fuel
• Above ground swimming pool, in-ground pool, spa
• Legal Fees
• Complementary legal liability
• Water inlet
• Specified items (hearing aids, photo equipment, jewelry, etc.) 
• Etc. 

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